A work-in-progress curriculum of videos, articles, and exercises for teaching data science in R (focusing on the tidyverse)

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Getting started

  1. Video: Getting oriented in Rstudio


  1. Video: The pipe

  2. Video: The 5 verbs of dplyr

  3. Article: The 5 verbs of dplyr

  4. Exercise: The 5 verbs of dplyr

  5. Exercise Solutions: The 5 verbs of dplyr

  6. Video: Understanding group by


  1. Article: Just enough ggplot


  1. Video: Working directory

  2. Video: Saving and reading data

Just enough base R

  1. Video: Vectors, data frames, and lists

Functions and mapping

  1. Video: Writing a function basics

  2. Video: Map functions in purrr

  3. Video: Introducing the purrrplus package

Workflow, projects, and github

  1. (Work in progress)